100 Word Challenge Week #13

As I toiled in the fields with my friends, the sun beat down relentlessley. It was part of our training regimen for swimming. When I was cleaning out the pig pen, I wondered why. Once I was done, I joined my comrades. The instuctor called to us from the boundary of the field. It was then we realized that we went to the wrong area! My accomplices and I had decided to travel to the farm because that's what we thought the trainer had said. He had told us to go to farm pools! I asked them for a swim,but they were exhausted.

Week #3 100 Word Challenge

Something weird happened today. When I was riding my bike, I cycled up a steep hill. Near the top, I pushed the pedals harder, but it seemed to be going backwards! I looked behind myself, but I saw nothing unusual. I just speeded ahead, wondering what had happened.


I finally figured out how I started going rearwards! I remember now that I had tripped in a pothole and my bicycle had momentarily stopped. I actually was going in reverse! I just wasn't paying attention when I tripped in the pothole, if you know what I mean.